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2 in 1 Lash Bath + Brush Bundle

2 in 1 Lash Bath + Brush Bundle

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This is our 60ml gentle foaming cleanser made especially for your lash extensions! This cleanser is made to clean out all debris in and around your lash extensions, resulting in better lash retention. A dual ended brush is also included to gently massage the product onto your lids/lashes. This product is amazing for removing your eye makeup/mascara as well, happy cleansing! 


Apply product onto a clean brush or spoolie, massage into your lash line. Brush in a circular motion from the top of your lashes and from the bottom of your lashes. Don't be afraid to get in there! Once you're finished, wet your brush with water and cleanse your lids/lashes until foam is completely removed. Pat dry with towel. 

Key Ingredient:

Coconut Extract - Added for extra hydration and strengthening of the eyelashes 


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